Project Management


Who are We?

A dedicated team of professionals who aim to be recognised as a leading provider of electronic and electrical waste consulting services. We harness new disruptive technology and engage the public to solve our clients' issues around the circular economy.

Why Now?

Many believe the adoption of next generation of technologies represents a key competitive advantage to businesses. Some even argue these technologies, which include artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, self-driving cars, 3D printers and quantum computing will spur the Fourth Industrial Revolution. All of these advances share a reliance upon an incredible amount of precious metals.

Yet, every year businesses and consumers are throwing away thousands of pounds of Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) and precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and copper in disposal of their electrical and electronic products. By 2100, consumers will throw away three times as much trash as they do today.

Urban mining is the main driver behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How We Work

AGILE project management represents an iterative, incremental method to manage the design and build activities of our products and services.


LEAN methodologies offer you a principled approach to new product development to answer the question, "Should this product be built?"


WATERFALL, a software development lifecycle approach, defines your requirements in the first phase of the project. It avoids costly changes.


What Outcomes Can You Expect?

Identify opportunities for harvesting critical raw materials.

Develop and test a number of options with the aim of maximising collections.

Demonstrate better collection, preparation for re-use and recovery.

When Should You Call Us?

When looking for a new manager for your corporate electronic waste.

For running pilots on innovative waste technologies.

When planning your strategy around Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility.