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Repair, Recycle or Sell with MobiCycle's @Home Solutions

Welcome to E-Advisor

Our digital assistant is the perfect green add-on for your Smart Home system.

Talk to E-Advisor in your own home.

First, show your item to its camera. E-Advisor can recognise many electronic or electrical items.

Next, tell E-Advisor about your experience with your products. Agree to the terms and conditions on privacy.

Finally, let E-Advisor help you make the best decision to repair, recycle or sell your items. View demo videos here.

What if I don't have a smart home system?

The data you need is at your fingertips. Access repair, recycling or sales data for your electronics and electrical items below.


Do you want to repair your item, but struggle to find the support you need? Talk to the Experts.
Learn More at our Repair Clinic


Decided to recycle your items? Find your nearest eWaste recycling point.
Learn More with Our Electronics Recycling Locator


Have you tried to repair your item but have decided to sell it anyway? Get market pricing information.
Learn More with Waste2Cash

Why MobiCycle?

MobiCycle Ltd helps you find the best location for your needs. We understand that recycling can be confusing at times. You may have a range of preferences that influence your decision to recycle. Our locator can offer you:


Results based on either your current or preferred location


Over 2 thousand eWaste recycling locations


Search criteria based on opening hours, type, and more!

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