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Your Pain Points

Declining Collections?

Electronic Advisor makes reuse and repair convenient.

High Collection Costs?

Sensors4Bins tells you the tonnage within your bin.

Poor Air Quality?

Avoid waste incineration. Promote reuse via the Repair Clinic.

Too Many Contractors?

We can manage your relationships as project managers.

Overseas Dumping?

MobiCycle's E-Waste API provides insight into ewaste flows.

Fragmented Solutions?

E-Advisor and Sensors4Bins work together to close gaps in the journey.

Ewaste in the Wrong Bin?

Educate your employees to properly dispose of hazardous materials.

Struggling with CSR?

Align your strategy with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Solutions

Project Management | Training | Sensors4Bins | MobiBins | Bin Locator Tool | Big Data

Please note: As a waste technology company, MobiCycle do not collect, transport, store, sort, treat, dispose of, or broker in electronic or electrical waste.

Project Management

According to Interpol, over one third of electronic waste is disposed of illegally in the EU. We engage responsible, e-Stewards, R2 or WEEELABEX certified recyclers across Europe to manage your electronic waste disposal. For hardware such as laptops, PCs, servers, phones etc, we ensure the hard drives are wiped and provide necessary certifications as confirmation.
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eWaste Training Videos

We train your employees on the hazardous materials contained within electrical and electronic equipment. Toxic substances found in e-waste include halogenated compounds such as PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls), or heavy metals like arsenic. We help your employees understand how the improper disposal can create harmful effects to human health and the environment.
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Sensors for Waste Containers

Innovative waste management professionals consider the trash bin to be more than just "a box with a hole." We can equip your existing containers with sensors to make them internet enabled. We can stream your tonnage data to the cloud. Your dashboard can help you optimise your collections. Click the button below to learn about our current pilot.
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MobiBin Ewaste Containers

Gartner forecasts 30 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020, adding £1.2 trn ($1.9trn usd) in value to the global economy. Consumers can deposit their devices into MobiBin containers for reuse & recycling. MobiBin continuously streams data about its eWaste deposits to the cloud.
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eWaste Recycling Locator

According to Computer Weekly, the global volume of e-waste generated is expected to reach 93.5 million tons in 2016. Surveys repeatedly show, that a very important barrier to participation in recycling is convenience. A majority of consumers would not go more than five miles out of their way to recycle. Our recycling locator provides the closest location by combining local authority and retail recycling points.
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eWaste API

An API (application program interface) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. MobiCycle's eWaste API offers local authorities, electronics manufacturers and retailers the ability to share data and attain critical insights into their supply chain. It provides access to not only resources. The API also provides access to a service.
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Did You Know?

a few facts about ewaste

  1. Electronic waste is the world's fastest growing waste stream.

  2. Two thirds of electronic waste is improperly disposed of in the EU, according to Interpol*.

  3. The UK produces just 100,000 tons less of ewaste annually than India.

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